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Yes, Sex CAN Be Fabulous After Quitting!

For many drug users there’s a concrete link between getting high and having sex, in fact they often find that one is a trigger for the other. Known to enhance the sex drive, delay orgasm, lower sexual inhibitions, and improve overall sexual performance popular drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine’s prove hard to kick for those that are worried that their sex life will drastically diminish without drugs. And while they continue getting high studies show that they are more likely to neglect to wear a condom, do it with a sex furniture and are at a significantly increased risk for sexually transmitted diseases.

The Vicious Sex/Drug Cycle

The connection between sex and drugs is not just in your head, in …

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Sex facts and advice – What you should always keep in mind

No matter how often you indulge in sexual activities, each time is different. Sometimes it’s better or worse, sometimes the orgasm is stronger than ever before, but love making is always the best possible medicine for stress, anxiety and bad mood. The average person has sex twice a week, according to worldwide research, and yet many people still know very little about it. Here are some sex facts that might motivate you to do it more than twice a week.

Women’s orgasm is the strongest the day before their period

Orgasm depends on the right timing, and sex therapists argue that it’s most intense one day before woman starts ovulating. During this period, blood accumulates in the uterus, which …

take her home

Things men say when they want to take someone home

Unfortunately, women are more likely to avoid sex than men for many reasons, so guys have to come up with clever moves to get what they want. Some will try everything to lure a woman into their bed, especially these well-known little lies that still work. Why? There is no scientific explanation so far, except for the fact that it’s keeping our species alive.

I just want to hug you

The famous lie that every man uses at least once a week when trying to explain that he doesn’t want sex, but just a warm touch. Very often women fall for this, because they really want to believe that men love to cuddle, too. Of course they do, it’s just …