About Us

Reflecting the voices and needs of people who use drugs in Asia

ANPUD is an issues based membership network that has the MIPUD principle (Meaningful Involvement of People who Use Drugs) as our guiding philosophy.

We believe that services (prevention & treatment) for people who use drugs must be accessible, voluntary, comprehensive, evidence based and compassionate.

We believe that people who use drugs should not be criminalised.


The Goal
People who Use Drugs (PUD) in Asia enjoy equal human rights and opportunities for a better quality of life.

Supporting the establishment of country level drug user organisations and networks and enhancing the capacity of existing drug user organisations and networks throughout Asia.

Increasing awareness of `issues and experiences of drug users in Asia through the development of a focused ANPUD advocacy platform.

Forging partnerships and strategic alliances to achieve our goals by working with and through a variety of organisations.

Increasing the technical & managerial capacity of ANPUD members and the drug using community to contribute to the development of programs designed to improve the quality of life of drug users in Asia.