Yes, Sex CAN Be Fabulous After Quitting!

For many drug users there’s a concrete link between getting high and having sex, in fact they often find that one is a trigger for the other. Known to enhance the sex drive, delay orgasm, lower sexual inhibitions, and improve overall sexual performance popular drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine’s prove hard to kick for those that are worried that their sex life will drastically diminish without drugs. And while they continue getting high studies show that they are more likely to neglect to wear a condom, do it with a sex furniture and are at a significantly increased risk for sexually transmitted diseases.

The Vicious Sex/Drug Cycle

The connection between sex and drugs is not just in your head, in fact the scientific community has a name for it; a reciprocal relapse and it describes the phenomenon where using drugs leads to sex and having sex leads to more intensive drug use in a continuous cycle. But this cycle is not unbreakable and researchers say that with work it can be broken, ensuring that kicking a drug habit won’t leave you facing a lifetime of cold showers.

sex addiction cycle

To help break the sex-drug cycle experts recommend that taking an initial cooling off period from sexual activity for about a month. If that’s not possible then try to identify the sexual triggers that set you off when you are using drugs and do your best to avoid them by turning to alternative activities.

Therapists recommend giving yourself time to learn how to enjoy sex again without drugs, and using the experience to get to know your body all over again. Keep in mind that the body will take a few weeks to readjust to normal chemical levels after you stop using drugs and the left over residue in your system may be affecting your sex drive. Have patience and accept that it may take your body a few weeks to readjust to normal levels. While you wait you can kick back with an instructional erotica manual; it’s a great way to start off slow and reintroduce some intimacy into a relationship when perused with a partner. When you’re ready, a sex toy like a vibrator for her or a stroker for him are great ways to concentrate on intense sensory experiences while you get reacquainted with your sober, sexual desires and triggers.

Condom Usage

When under the influence of drugs like methamphetamine or cocaine users are more likely to engage in risky sexual behaviours that can put their health at risk. It has become a major issue in Asia with a significant rise in recent years in the rates of sexually transmitted infections among drug users. But it’s a problem with a simple solution: always carry a condom and remember to use it!

At ANPUD we recommend carrying at least two condoms just in case. Keep one in your kit and one in your pocket; you’ll be less likely to engage in unprotected vaginal or anal sex with people whose heath may be dubious. You don’t need anything special, just a regular pack of LifeStyles or Skyn Condoms will help keep you from contacting diseases like HIV, syphilis, and gonorrhea from partners you may meet up with while using.