Sex facts and advice – What you should always keep in mind

No matter how often you indulge in sexual activities, each time is different. Sometimes it’s better or worse, sometimes the orgasm is stronger than ever before, but love making is always the best possible medicine for stress, anxiety and bad mood. The average person has sex twice a week, according to worldwide research, and yet many people still know very little about it. Here are some sex facts that might motivate you to do it more than twice a week.

Women’s orgasm is the strongest the day before their period

Orgasm depends on the right timing, and sex therapists argue that it’s most intense one day before woman starts ovulating. During this period, blood accumulates in the uterus, which then makes the clitoris particularly sensitive to touch and therefore it’s more likely that woman will reach an orgasm. This is why it’s advisable to forget the PMS troubles and enjoy the passion in the bedroom.

Orgasm relieves cramps during menstruation

Sex during menstruation relieves unpleasant cramps and tension. Orgasm causes the relaxation and contraction of muscles, which encourage the body to release oxytocin and dopamine (happyness hormones) that provide a sense of satisfaction and eliminate the pain.

Sex lasts longer on vacation

Relaxation and socializing enhance the sexual desire, and also a sense of intimacy between the partners. There’s no pressure to work and be productive, so both can take advantage of their time for an all day seduction. Spend the whole day whispering sexy messages to each other, flirt in public like you’ve just met and finish the day with fire between the sheets.

Morning sex for a good day

People get tired more easily nowadays because of all that stress and work related issues, so having sex in the evening often doesn’t seem so appealing. Well, if you’re one of those “morning glory” types (and most of us healthy men are), the good news is that sex therapists suggest getting up earlier than usual to have passionate sex in the morning, at least three times a week. This will ensure a good start of the day, as you’ll feel more energized and enthusiastic about everything. Like working out, only better.

Creativity guarantees more passion

The sex should be creative, especially in long-term relationships that can easily fall into a routine. Unexpected sex at three in the morning or a sexy maid costume is sure to surprise your partner. Be random, at least sometimes, and you’ll see how both you and your partner will feel refreshed.

Having sex outdoors brings additional excitement

The sex doesn’t always have to be perfect, so beeing in public doesn’t mean you should wait until you get somewhere safe. Outdoor sex can be an very interesting experience, as it brings a dose of excitement and fear that someone will catch you. It’s only necessary to find the right place, and also make an agreement about what will you do if somebody comes. Remember: everyone should feel ashamed for being caught while having sex in public at least once.

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