Things men say when they want to take someone home

Unfortunately, women are more likely to avoid sex than men for many reasons, so guys have to come up with clever moves to get what they want. Some will try everything to lure a woman into their bed, especially these well-known little lies that still work. Why? There is no scientific explanation so far, except for the fact that it’s keeping our species alive.

I just want to hug you

The famous lie that every man uses at least once a week when trying to explain that he doesn’t want sex, but just a warm touch. Very often women fall for this, because they really want to believe that men love to cuddle, too. Of course they do, it’s just a lot better when cuddling leads to wild sex.

I don’t want to have sex with you on our first date

Of course he does, and this is the perfect way to get it. The man who convinces the woman that he wants something more from her besides sex, becomes a serious relationship material in her eyes, and therefore it’s okay to immediately jump in the bed with him. This is an old trick and it doesn’t work always, but it almost certainly will in about 50% of situations.

We don’t have to go all the way

Most women have probably heard something like this more than once: “We can fool around at least” and “I don’t have to put my whole dick in”. Because “fooling around” and “putting only half of his dick in” doesn’t count as sex. Women usually fall for it, but not because they’re naive – because they want to have sex like most human beings.

Let me just look at you in silence

Women always fall for romance, and no matter how tired, uninterested or insecure they may be, sweet words of love make them feel special and desirable. This is one of the most effective ways to seduce a woman since the dawn of time.

 Let’s try something new

Every woman loves when someone wakes up her sexual fantasies. That’s when all of her hormones and desires are on fire, and the man gets more than he wanted.

I like women who are not afraid of their sexuality

Many men try to convince women there’s no need to wait for their first sex, because if they do it soon after they’ve met, it doesn’t mean she’s a slut, hell no! It means she is confident about herself and her sexuality. Men just love to use this trick to assure women how stupid it is to wait, but once they succeed they lose interest in her, because they got everything on a plate and much too soon.

We don’t have to do anything, I’ll just leave

This is a very clever move, because 90% of women will simply feel the need to do something to keep the man interested, no matter if she wasn’t up to anything a few moments before. Female psychology, right?

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